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Honey and the Sweet Fairy

Author: Daisy Meadows

I like this book very much because it's about sweets. I am so happy that the goblins did not get the lovely fairy. In the end the sweets tasted very nice and juicy.

Chloe - Year 2


Beast Quest Arcta and the Mountain Giant

 Author & Illustrator:  Adam Blake

I liked this book because Tom, Ellena, Silver and Storm defeated Arcta the mountain giant while saving the day and is halfway through stopping Malvels curse of destroying the fabulous Avantia.

Jack - Yr 3


Dork Diary Series

Author- Rachel Renée Russell

In my opinion the Dork Diary Series is a good book for girls aged 9-12 I would give it a 8/10.

It is a book series about a girl called Nikki Maxwell, she is a 14 year old girl and the books are about her life in middle school and her annoying little sister, Brianna. I would highly recommend it!

Ellie -Yr 6


Soltra the stone charmer beast quest

Author: Adam Blake

I found this book frightful but Soltra did get defeated by Tom, Elanna, Storm & Silver with great pictures.

Jamie - Yr 3


Born to Run

Author:  Michael Morpurgo.

This book is amazing!  It's all about one magnificent greyhound who is loved by everyone and his three faithful owners.  It is a bit sad though, and if you stop at a bad moment you might end up in tears like I did.  If I was rating it I would give it 10/10 though.  I would recommend it to anyone who loves dogs or even just loves a good book, although it is probably best for years 4, 5 & 6. Overall it is an amazing book.  I love it.

Chloe - Yr 5


Horrid Henry Reads A Book

Author: Francesca Simon

I liked this book because horrid Henry is drawing in his maths book and then the teacher says "a prize" and Henry shouts out what prize.  Henry finds out the prize is a theme park trip.  So Henry reads 27 books and share the prize with Clare.  Henry finds out it's full of bools instead!

Jamie - Y3


Saskia the Salsa Fairy

Authro: Daisy Meadows

I thought this book was very exciting because at the start Rachel and Kirsty were having fun but then the goblins were found dressed as birds with the salsa ribbon!  I'm really very sorry to say this but I felt that the beginning was kind of slow but the rest of the book was really exciting.

Kelsey - Yr 4


Mr Gum and the Secret Hideout

 Author: Andy Stanton

This book was very funny and once I started to read I could not stop.  I would recommend this book for Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, and Year 4 who enjoy laughing when they read.

There are lots more Mr Gum books which are also very funny.

Callie - Yr 3


Conspiracy 365  - May

Author: Gabrielle Lord

Conspiracy 365 is a brilliant book for year 5 and year 6 readers who like danger books.

It's about a boy called Callum who's always on the run. As he tries to figure out the

ormond riddle whitch is linked to the secret of his family.

At the end it's quite sad because sombody dies.

I give this book a 7/10

Jess - Yr 5


The Parent Swap Shop.

Author:  Francesca Simon
I liked this story because it was funny.  I thought the main character was very nice.
William - Yr 2


Binkle and Flip Misbehave

Author: Enid Blyton

This book was great I think that lots of people should borrow it; it's GREAT for children in Yr3, Yr4, and Yr2. It also sets an example to other children, that they shouldn't misbehave and be naughty!

Also lots of people should borrow it! I hope that people will love it!

Luisa - Yr 4

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