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Yr 6 - Terms 5 & 6 - Light and Electricity

Welcome back after the Easter break! We are all looking forward to yet another busy term! Our topic next term will be ‘Light and Electricity’. We will start by investigating different electric circuits through science and PE. This will lead us on to looking at shadows and how we see different objects. 


Before our residential trip to Barton Hall, English and maths will focus on revision. We hope we can depend on your continued support as we gear up for the SATs tests the week of the 8th May. We ask that you ensure your children have had a good night’s sleep and are in school on time ready for a prompt start, along with a delicious breakfast!


After SATs, on Monday 22rd May, Miss New’s class and Mr Mobey’s class will head to Barton Hall for a well-deserved break! This week will be followed by half term.


When we are all finally back at school after a hectic few weeks, we will begin our regular lessons again. The core subjects will be taught with a much more cross-curricular emphasis, reflecting on some of the experiences they enjoyed on the residential as well as through some of the themes that will stem from our Year 6 production. This is currently still a surprise for our year 6 children, but rest assured, further details will follow! 


We will also be working closely with the local secondary schools on transition work to ensure a smooth move for the children in September. 


May we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of your children and ourselves in Year 6.

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