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Yr 3 - Term 6 - Jurassic Coast & School of Rock

Welcome back to another exciting science and geography orientated topic, which we call ‘The Jurassic Coast and School of Rock!’ We will compare Swindon with another area of the UK in terms of physical and human geography and this links to our main Science focus of geology and rocks, where we identify and classify rocks. Using a hand lens and a range of information texts and charts, we will observe whether the rocks have grains or crystals and if they might contain fossils! We will explore the various types of rocks and how they are used in different ways including jewellery and as assorted building materials.


Using our knowledge and observations of fossils we will be looking at a variety of artwork to design our own fossil prints, thinking carefully about what tools and equipment we will need to use.


In English we will be investigating and performing our own Performance Poetry. Towards the end of the term we will be looking at the features of play scripts and will try and be as good as Shakespeare, 400 years after he died on 23rd April 1616!


Maths will investigate statistics and how we use a variety of data to answer questions. We will continue our focus of Geometry so protractors at the ready.


Our Swimming will continue on Mondays starting again on Monday 12th June so please ensure your child brings their swimming kit in for each session. Our other PE sessions are on a Friday afternoon, outside on the field, where will be looking at fielding and striking games and then athletics, in preparation for Sports Day and Area Sports. Due to the lovely sunny weather we are going to have (!) please make sure your child brings a hat to school and wears sun cream on these particularly hot days. Please also make the Year 3 staff aware if your child suffers from hay fever.


Homework will continue to be handed out on a Friday, with it being due back in the following Wednesday (unless specified differently due to a longer length project). Please make sure your child places their homework in the correct tray! Spellings will continue to be sent home on a Tuesday in a blue spelling book for you to help your child practice, learn and apply their spelling patterns. This needs to be in school for the following Monday for us to test your child on what they have been learning. As you will be aware, the way we set and test the children changed in Terms 3 and 4. Where appropriate, we set five words focusing on a particular pattern. The children are then tested on these and a further five words, where they have to apply the pattern to another five words either chosen at random or usually based on the children’s spelling investigations/research/dictionary work from the previous week.


Thank you for continued support.


More details on our topic and other activities can be found on our topic web.


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