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Yr 3 - Term 3 - Revolting Romans & Crafty Celts

Welcome back!

We hope you had a lovely holiday and are ready to start a new and exciting term!

This term we will be stepping back in time to look at our new, history based topic: ‘Revolting Romans V Crafty Celts’!  This topic will be full of interesting, historical information and exciting cross curricular links. There will be a focus on the Roman conquest of Britain, identifying the reasons behind the invasions and researching Roman life, settlements, customs and army. We will also be looking at the opposing side, the Celts, and investigate Boudicca and how the Roman’s viewed her revolt, Celtic warriors beliefs and settlements. From these investigations we will compare Roman and Celtic Britain.

In English we will be looking at instructional writing linked to historical pizza making which we will be doing in DT. We will also be looking at recounts and writing from the perspective of a Roman soldier or Celtic solider, really getting to grips with the thoughts and feelings they might have felt at this time in history.

During maths sessions, there will be a focus Multiplication and Division looking at the long and short written methods of calculating. We will also be applying these skills to a variety of problem solving and reasoning activities. We will also be looking at Statistics in particular interpreting and building pictograms.

The children are sure to be very enthusiastic about Art as we will be looking at Roman mosaics, designing and making a Roman shield and making a clay relief of a Roman or Celt artefact! Throughout our ICT sessions we will be learning about collecting information from a variety of safe internet sources and learning how to manipulate fonts and formats. We will be making cross curricular links with ICT and P.E (dance) to be able to capture still images of a battle scene or Gladiator fight and explore stop motion animation!

As you can see from the above, we have a very jam-packed term! More information can be found here on our topic web.

Swimming will start on Monday 16th January. Please ensure that your child’s swimming kit is in school each Monday. Our P.E sessions are on Friday afternoon for our indoor sessions on dance; it is essential that PE kits, including appropriate footwear, is named and remains in school all week long.

Homework is handed out on a Friday and is due back in the following Wednesday. Please make sure your child places their homework in the correct tray.

We thank you for your continued support! If you’d like to offer any expertise or would like to talk to us at any time, please do.

The Year 3 team


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