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Year 2 children win gymnast competition

For 2 weeks all of year 2 children have learnt and enhanced their own individual basic gymnastic skills and through this we finally chose a team of 6 to enter an inter school gymnastic competition, held at Isambard School.

Madison Mconnell
Mistimed Charles
Aaryamaan Singh
Grace Martin
Heather Anderson
Jacob Studholme

Coached and led by Mr Hobbis and Mrs Vincent

A set routine was learnt, which included forward roll, balance, jump, teddy bear roll and timing was essential. This was performed individually in front of six judges!

Each person was marked out of 10 and the top 4 scores from the team counted. Madison scored an amazing 10 however everyone did fantastic, and I have individual scores if you would like them.

As a result of sheer determination, hard work and a belief that we can do this! 
Brook Field School Won scoring 35 points. A shield was awarded and individual medals and certificates.

Thank you Angela Anderson for your photo and comment, "I'm so proud of all their hard work! Thank you.
Also thank you to our parents for cheering the team on!

Just a thought if anyone does enjoy gymnastics our British gymnastics team are competing in Rio Brazil this summer. Names to watch are, Claudia Fragnapane, Amy Tinkler, Max Whitlock, Lewis Smith.

Justine Vincent

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