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What our children think...

All children were involved in discussing the questions below and had the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions.


What do we like most about learning?

everything, counting, clocks/time, class assembly, writing, Maths, reading, topic, teachers, learning, creative, spelling

Great Fire of London topic, writing, Author focus books, games in phonics, movies teachers put on, homework, Maths/English games, outside play, 100 days of school, choosing time

What would make learning even better?

reading time, English, PE, Maths, more free time, count better, spelling, friends, timestable

make it even harder, nothing, more handwriting, more music while learning, trying things again, more writing, make Maths harder, keep practising

How do we stay safe at school?

listen, stop and think, teachers, gate, school rule, tell the teacher, never leave the classroom, don't send messages on the computers

listening to the teacher/friends/all adults in school, don't hurt anyone, look out for other people, listen to the teacher

What do you do if you are worried about something?

tell a teacher, believe it, move away, tell Headteacher, tell family, tell TA

tell your mum and dad, ask a grown up, ask a friend at your table, tell a dinner lady at lunchtime, you can solve some problems yourself



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