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What our children think ...

All children were involved in discussing the questions below and had the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions.


What do we like most about learning?

you get to do new things, mixture of things throughout the day, that we don't realise we're learning, sometimes you get a different teacher, having fun, learning something new every day, that the teachers make it fun, they let us choose our guided reading books, learning but doing games, work and interact with friends, PE because it is quicker to do stuff with the teachers, learning exciting new things, being smarter, having rewards, learning will help us with our jobs and teachers help us when we are stuck, work gets easier, the books that we read help us with writing and different punctuation, learning is interesting and helps us with life, new experiences, I like our ability to create our own ides and write them down, I like reading books because they are really interesting worded problems, challenges, doing things to help us: pizza for fractions, M’nMs challenge, chocolate for fractions, working with other groups,

What would make learning even better?

learn more about History, sit at tables instead of carpet, longer PE, more reading, more art, more after school clubs, pact reading in guided reading, have more time with other students, wake up shake up, more things about house captains, read books from library in guided reading, an Art club, sit on chairs in assembly, go up to the board more often, learn about other countries not just ours,

change talking partners, working in smaller groups, single desks so you don't get distracted, more fun lessons/make lessons fun, food, more fun, being more interactive during lessons and moving more rather than just looking at the PowerPoint, being able to work with a partner (friends) together and share your work, getting a balance between having fun and getting on with things, make lessons more fun so we could work really hard and get a reward like sitting on a bench,

How do we stay safe at school?

don't get involved in other people's arguments, make a louder fire alarm, if something comes on the computer be sure to tell a member of staff, when we go on trips get safety jackets, stay safe when doing cycling proficiency, we have fences up around the school and learn about online safety, make sure you're sensible when the alarm goes off, if you don't feel safe tell a teacher, blow the whistle on DB Primary stay around your friends, ask the teacher to go inside just incase of the fire alarm, stick to the rules, not swinging on chairs, by being sensible, in the classroom, on the computer, on school trips, on your way to school, don't search stuff on the computers, make sensible choices, not play fighting, make sure you know what you're aloud to eat, don't go past the school gates without a parent or guardian in school hours, don't go on inappropriate websites on the computer, when you're on the computer looking for pictures don't scroll down too far because the more down you go the less linked to the search,


What do you do if you are worried about something?

think about happy stuff, ask yourself is it important, write a letter to the monsters, rainbow bench, think about happy things, anti-bullying team, an older sibling, Jellytots staff, wheel of choice, Buddy Bus Stop, calm down by yourself, sit down and think about your family and how lucky you are, dinner lady, adults, teachers, parents, friends, staff, work it out yourself, just talk to someone and tell them, I would tell the nearest adult in the school so they will help me, tell family or friends and teachers about your worries, I would tell a teacher or member of staff. If it isn't sorted I would tell my Mum and Dad, tell my parents and ask for advice, tell the teacher, tell a teacher or friend, tell your family and friends, write it down or tell your friends, tell a teacher, friends, families, guardians and carers that look after

If you could change anything at Brook Field, what would it be?


have three PE sessions in one week, have desks in rows rather than tables, make primary schools like secondary schools with swapping for subjects, extra Golden Time, more breaks, to use the monsters more, more reading time, mini trampolines, business lessons - plan school trips with certain budget, bigger trim trail, more homework to prepare for Secondary school, have a class pet, more spelling time, a games lesson, after school girls football club, more PE, double lessons, different school meals, more arty homework projects and self desks, more access to the library, more Maths, JoJo bows allowed, lockers in all year groups, breaks between classes, more time for lunch in Y6 more variety in hot school dinners, more trips, better table order, more worded challenges in Maths, longer breaks and lunch, in Year 6 change the tables to self tables and split the talking between people, harder stuff in Maths

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