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All children were involved in discussing the questions below and had the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions.



What do we like most about learning?

arty things because they are active, learning different topics, use learning behaviours to help us, the experiences and independent table, learning new things and facts, that we always have different subjects, they make games to make learning fun, the teachers talk clearly so we understand, the teachers make the lessons fun and in golden time we get lots of time to play and have free time, the fun different topics, how we learn about fun things like space, when we do new things, we learn different things everyday, activities the teachers make us learn in fun

What would make learning even better?

have your own desk, spend longer on a topic, move to different classes for different lessons, advanced work, make it more fun, longer lessons, shorter breaks but breaks after longer lessons, longer breaks, more class assemblies, more fun activities, every week change shake and wake, act out your English, if we could bring phones to school, if we had dance in PE, you could text the teacher, if your homework is impeccable you would get an award point, 5 more minutes Golden time, you can text the teacher asking for help, have half an hour morning break, you can ask the teacher questions

How do we stay safe at school?

watch out for any cars going by, follow the school rules, stay with the class, stay within the school grounds/fences/gates, be sensible around others, always listen to teachers, when you have scissors point them to the ground, don't run with scissors, make sure you only talk to people you know on the internet, never give out personal information online, don't run on roads, don't go to the shops by yourself don't run around the classroom, hold scissors the right way, don't run on slippery surfaces, if you find a rude message tell an adult, play ball games nicely, if you are being bullied tell a teacher, if someone is being mean to you tell a teacher, only go on websites teachers tell you to go on, some teachers stay on the playground at playtime, gates and fences, blow the whistle on DB Primary if you are being bullied and see a comment

What do you do if you are worried about something?

go to the buddy bus stop, think happy thoughts, tell a friend your emotions or feelings, wheel of choice, sit down and calm yourself, ignore it, try to work it out yourself, sit down and read a book, have a rest, talk it through, go to a calm relaxing place, ask a teacher, tell a friend, take a break and take a breath, tell yourself to stop, tell family, tell guardians, tell a teacher or TA, you get to sit next to a friend all day, you get to go home early, you get ten house points for your team, you could face it, you could tell your mum and dad, you could tell a friend, get instant help from five people in your year group

If you could change anything at Brook Field, what would it be?


more PE, no school uniform, homework every two weeks, choose your spaces at tables, be able to bring in toys, have phones in school, have more challenging lessons, more time spent on a topic, do more DT, be able to wear make up, more overnight school trips, more ICT, have a class pet be able to wear JoJo bows, homework every day, be able to wear jewellery, wear blazer and ties, improve the buddy bus stops - monitoring if someone is there then make sure the monitor is keeping an eye on them and they have someone to play with three playtimes for KS2, longer first break, mini assemblies in class, more reading time, Friday fun day, more PE time, more Golden Time, more playtime, have a bigger library in the school by using a bigger room, longer school day, have more use of books, have more books in class,

have more time in the library, use the library more

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