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What our children think ...

All children were involved in discussing the questions below and had the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions.



What do we like most about learning?

having visitors, Maths - multiplication, addition, mental maths, division, Art - creating and making things, ICT - making Pong, Scratch and Simple City, Braeside, tests/assessments, History because we learn about countries, Guided Reading because you get stuck into a book, Science because we learn about how things work, PE because we learn different sports and activities, school trips because we learn in a more fun way handwriting, friendship, RE because it's creative, assessments in Maths and Reading, no one gets left out, art because it's fun and creative, I like work and school because we learn new things everyday. I like guided reading because I can now read to my nephew. Information books, new topics, displays with convincing information, science because you learn new things, knowing how to stay safe online.

What would make learning even better?

have a 5 minute break between sessions, have a drink between English and reading, more Maths, more choice of activity, get more fresh air, more ICT, things to help with learning eg. Viewfinders, more class activities, more spellings to learn, more teachers to help, more reading time, teaching in games, have a little drink in the middle of a session more activities while doing work, teamwork in lessons, have art and science more often, have same amount of time in lessons, mini games when you've finished your work, working together, do more in history lessons, having breaks between lessons, try and get work done at the right time,

How do we stay safe at school?

don't have a drink in the ICT suite, don't put magnets near electricity, if you see something on the computer either tell the teacher or close it, watch where you're going on the playground, listen to the teacher, don't read messages on the computer, try to stay near an adult, we think about what we say, follow rules and instructions, tuck our chairs in, if anything on the computer upsets you turn it of and tell a teacher, listen to the person in charge, when you are online, do not speak to anyone you don't know, always have a TA watching you, stay safe by the road, tell a teacher before you leave the classroom

What do you do if you are worried about something?

do something which would make you happy, tell a dinner lady, take a deep breath, ask your friends, take some big breaths, ask a teacher, run around the playground and the worries might go away, ask the TA, have a drink, do your favourite thing, count to 10, think about something else, play your own game and have fun, go to a lake and throw pebbles, ring the bell/whistle on DB Primary tell a teacher, use the wheel of choice, forget about it, tell someone you trust, tell a person you know will help you if you are worried, tell a trusted adult, tell the police if someone you don't know is being mean, cuddle or play with a toy, tell a dinner lady, tell school council, if a person is mean to you ignore them and do something different, talk through it,


If you could change anything at Brook Field, what would it be?


more school trips, more help for everyone, more fun in lessons, go swimming in every year group on different days, more visitors in assembly, having desks rather than sitting on the carpet, to bring in our own pencil cases, to put our books in our drawers, to have more lockers, to have more fundraisers, more outdoor activities, more clubs like tennis, a lot more clubs like street dance or tap dance, let parents come in and watch us learn, breaks before lessons, get up and have a drink and go to the toilet, have more games, one more football pitch, more teachers, longer playtimes, put signs up to help new people so they don't get lost, having more help if we don't understand, have playtimes between lessons, at playtimes you don't have to go outside you can play on the computers, have more water fountains

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