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What our children think ...

All children were involved in discussing the questions below and had the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions.


What do we like most about learning?

Maths because we use the grid method, doing teamwork together, large groups, English because it's fun, listening, when we do art and paint pictures, reading, using ipads and computers, drawing, paragraphs and poetry, writing when we talk together, lego in Maths, doing PE because we are learning a Roman dance, when we do fun things with Science experiments, football club to learn to play football, having more adventure books, maths - learning multiplication, learning to swim, topic word mats, reading, PE, Art, DT and Computing

What would make learning even better?

longer  lesson times, swimming every day, more T.A's to help, more science experiments, longer learning sessions, shorter playtime and longer PE for exercise, longer time for Maths, more time for Science, more homework, more clubs, number squares in Maths, try and make it fun for yourselves, more art, more topic, more History, more Maths, more English, more DT, more ART, more guided reading, more playtime, more clubs, more football, more golden time, more iPad time, more gymnastics, go home earlier, less half terms, more tennis, more homework, no homework, no swimming lessons

How do we stay safe at school?

go in partners, walk, stop and think about it, we do not bully each other, don't invite a stranger into your home, don't talk to strangers, on the computer don't write your address to someone you don't know, stay in school, tell a dinner lady if something goes wrong, don't talk to strangers at the end of the day, to stay near a grown up, walk if it's slippy in school,

listen to your mums and dads, listens to the teachers, there is a gate around the school, there is a fire alarm, listen to Mrs Puffett on the internet, don't open adverts on the internet, be sensible on technology, listen to everyone

What do you do if you are worried about something?

tell your Mum and Dad, don't let the boys get to you, do something about it, tell someone, tell one of your brother's or sister's, tell a friend, tell a TA, tell the teacher, tell a dinner lady, stand up for yourself, you can tell somebody you can trust and discuss it with an adult, go up to someone and say I'm worried, think about it, tell a teacher on the playground, tell a dinner lady, tell your family, tell your sister or brother, take deep breaths, ignore it, wheel of choice, tell no one, play with a friend and forget about it, tell someone you know, tell a friend

If you could change anything at Brook Field, what would it be?


make a bigger school because we could have more people in, allowed to bring your phone into school, Science club, more clubs, more people, nap time all the time, write everything on word, invite more children to games, get more children because people would be able to join in, more play, more golden time, I would change the amount of Art work and increase it by how often we do it and how much time we spend doing it, more PE time because I would like to get fit, more learning time because we will learn more and get smarter, that everyone was nice because no one could get upset, allowed to play in the snow, no homework, fun, more swimming lessons, homework every day, fun and art club, more English, more school council, more PE, lego in golden time, more baking, lego building club, more visitors and gardening, more ICT, more school trips, no English, more fun homework, loads of parties, more challenges

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