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What our children think ...

All children were involved in discussing the questions below and had the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions.


What do we like most about learning?

discovering new things, writing, speaking loud, counting numbers, English, writing stories, Maths, doing Maths with Mrs Backwell, PE - I like doing cartwheels, Art, Science, how to build anything

What would make learning even better?

if the teachers would help us more when we are on the tables, make lessons even more fun, perseverance, more reading, to write better, learning to write numbers, more time for Science, having more fun, we could have fiddle toys that make you think, making friends with people that don't have friends, more playtime, more time reading, more English with time to write, harder

How do we stay safe at school?

stay away from bullies, stay in the classroom, don't play naughty games, stay with the teacher, listen to the teacher, look and listen when the fire alarm goes off, look out for people, tell the teacher

What do you do if you are worried about something?

tell a friend, tell someone, you need to tell your Mum and they might help you, tell the teacher, take a deep breath, persevere, tell the teacher, tell Mummy, tell a friend and they can help you get over it, ask a friend if you are sad, if you are worried tell the teacher, tell an adult,

If you could change anything at Brook Field, what would it be?


school longer, white boards - use the big ones more, more art and craft, people be more quieter, be kinder

would change phonics harder, would change science to chemistry, more art, more marble party,

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