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Wednesday 13th June

Good evening everyone.

It has been another fun-filled action packed day here at Barton Hall, with plenty of activities and experiences for the children that we hope will live long in the memory. All of the children have, once again, participated and engaged with the variety of events on offer.

As has become routine, the children were awoken (not quite as easily today) from their slumber by the Brook Field Staff to another beautiful morning and got themselves washed and dressed, ready for breakfast. Sausages, hash browns and fried tomatoes were the cooked items on offer, as well as the variety of cereals, fruits and toast to keep all the children quite happy. With breakfast completed, we all packed our bags with; water bottles, hoodies and sun cream, ready to meet our instructors for our first activities of the day.

Once again, the children enjoyed a range of activities through the day, with some taking part in events that other groups had undertaken the previous day, along with a whole host of activities making their first appearance of the week. There is certainly a great deal of talent and creativity within our children, epitomised by events such as ‘Quad Biking’ and ‘Survivor!’

Quad Biking is always a big favourite and proved to be the case again this year. Children got the opportunity to learn how to handle and safely manoeuvre these four-wheeled motor bikes around a track, avoiding strategically placed cones set up as obstacles along the way. Some children were incredibly adept and had it mastered within one or two laps, showing real talent and co-ordination. Others……..well………not so much! It was all great fun and the children were so supportive of each other.

Survivor (something that we tried for the first time this year) also proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Children were led out into the woodland area of Barton Hall and, as a team, had to learn and apply basic survival skills, under the guidance of their instructor. We all learnt how to correctly hold and use a camping knife when whittling wood into tent pegs (don’t worry, no fingers were lost in the process!) The children also worked together to make an appropriate shelter using natural materials and some tarpaulin that would not only keep them safe from the elements, but provide enough room to sleep six. Finally, we all had a go at lighting a small fire using some flint and steel on some pieces of cotton wool. All really interesting and extremely informative for most of our children.

At the risk of being too repetitive, the children really have been an absolute pleasure and a real source of pride to us staff. We are continually being told by the instructors how much they love working with our children as they are so engaging, supportive and respectful of one another.

An evening of ‘Wacky Races’ brought our day to its conclusion and the children are now settled in their rooms looking forward to the final, full day of activities tomorrow, before packing up and returning home on Friday. We look forward to seeing you all but, until then, please see a selection of some of the photos taken today.

The Barton Hall Crew!

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