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Wednesday 9th May

Well, an uneventful night (eventually). My goodness me, we should have some exhausted children today! The last tired eyes finally closed about 11:30 and then all was quiet until 6am when we were woken up by beautiful bird song (aka, little voices asking ‘is it time to get up yet’?!)

Well done everyone, especially those who struggled a little to get to sleep and missed home, (you know who you are and we are so proud of you, as we know your family will be) - you did it and should be incredibly proud of yourselves! Only one more sleep to go and then we’ll be home in our own beds...... peace is in sight......

After a hilarious trip to the showers with a variety of toiletries and shower caps, plaiting hair and getting dressed, we surfaced to find the boys already raring to go. A hearty breakfast with hot chocolate and hundreds of rounds of toast, we then gathered on the lawn to learn about the day ahead. After organising ourselves (which took SO long...... how many times did we say to fill up their waterbottle and find their named wellies?!) we then we set off for Drew’s Pond Woods. A brisk walk through the town, spotting the sights from yesterday, we meandered through the churchyard and learned more about the history of Devizes including a sorry tale about some friends and their dog who tragically lost their lives whilst playing in the woods.

We then split into our classes and spent the day in the beautiful sunshine, splashing about in the river and creating art from nature. A stroll through the bluebells, we meandered up to the fields where we spent the morning looking for woolly worms, a rare species of invertebrate, native to many a sewing box! Totally transfixed by these amazing creatures which only move when you aren’t looking, we had lots of fun finding the rarest kind. We then created some beautiful art work from nature, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. They looked stunning and will definitely make an amazing display when we return to school.   

Lunch in the sun, we then headed down into the heart of the woods where we carried out a velocity experiment in teams, learning how to test the speed of the water and taking accurate measurements and recordings to ensure our test was fair. Our wellies ensured we kept dry, despite a bit of splashing and shuffling up the riverbed and we had a great time catching creatures in the nets to identify.

After a lovely day outdoors, we headed back to the house (minus our welly boots which had a taxi service back to Braeside!) and whilst the ageing adults flopped down and drank tea, the rest of us got a second wind and decided the 12,000 steps we had walked needed topping up and ran around on the back lawn again until it was time to change for dinner.

Another wonderful meal, our appetites clearly needing fuel from our excursion, we then headed indoors to the studios of Braeside’s Got Talent! And what a talented lot we are! From singing to magic, dancing to comedy, music to football, martial arts to puppet shows, we had an absolute treat all night long with the free entertainment! Butlins, Hi-de-hi (clearly showing my age now!!) eat your heart out! We are such a talented group of year 4’s who entertained each other for a good hour. Laughter, hilarity, cheering, clapping, we all had such a treat and ended the night on a real high.

Hot chocolate, biscuits and then upstairs to pack...... ALOT of cramming and stuffing, squeezing and sitting on our cases (and definitely no folding of clothes) we got ready for our last night of sleep and in record time (for this year!) we all drifted off into the land of nod – quite a noisy land with the snoring coming from some rooms! Check the website for our group photo which we took after dinner before we went into the talent studio!

Night night, only one more sleep and we will see you tomorrow, happy, proud, tired and in need of a bath and hairwash!!

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