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Tuesday 12th June

Good evening everyone, what a day it has been!

After a relatively calm night (a few children had difficulty settling but I’ve seen worse) the children were woken by the Brook Field Team and got themselves up and ready to start what would be an action packed day!

Greeted by Julia and Olly (our PGL leaders) we made our way to breakfast full of anticipation for what lay ahead……….. That’s right, a choice of; cooked breakfast items, cereals and more slices of toast then might usually be consumed in a month! Some children couldn’t get over the fact that Heinz Spaghetti was a legitimate cooked breakfast item. Mind blowing!!!!

Following breakfast, we set off in our activity groups to enjoy a day of thrilling, adrenaline pumping and sometimes scary activities that the children thoroughly enjoyed.

From archery to problem solving and even the opportunity to build their own Buggies, the children worked so well and really epitomised our value of ‘Team Work’ that has been so impressive to see within every group. However, two particular favourites from today were most certainly ‘Vertical Challenge’ and ‘The Trapeze!’ Vertical Challenge involved each child having to scale a series of obstacles as you climb from one challenge to the next, vertically climbing and reaching heights of up to 30 metres. It really was wonderful watching the children challenge themselves, or support each other through the activity and the sense of achievement each child felt upon completion was fantastic! Reaching the top really isn’t the point, it’s about challenging yourself to exceed even your own expectations and we couldn’t be more impressed by your children.

The Trapeze also involved the children having to scale a telephone pole sized obstacle and, if that wasn’t challenging enough, leaping from the top of the pole and swinging on a trapeze to signify your completion. Of course, like Vertical Challenge, we are surrounded by PGL staff and all the safety harnessing and guide ropes are in place, but that isn’t necessarily what your mind is telling you as you stand on top of what can only be described as a tea tray, swaying 20 metres in the air!

The children have been amazing! Just when you think you know everything about their character, so many of them completely surprise you as they tackle an activity with such confidence and assurance that makes going away on a residential such as this a really wonderful experience for everyone!

After a delicious evening meal, where children chose from: Chicken Nuggets, Chow Mein or Vegetarian Kiev, the children joined as one school to take part in our evening activity, ‘Snap Shot.’ The children had to use their knowledge of the site, along with orienteering and team-working skills, to match pictures around the grounds and crack a code after each clue was given. Lots of fun was had and it is clear that the PGL team are really enjoying working with our children as they are such a lovely group.

As we settle in for the night, we are all looking forward to what tomorrow might bring.

Please enjoy a selection of some of the pictures taken today.

The Barton Hall Crew!


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