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Thursday 14th June

Good evening everyone.

It has, yet again, been another fantastic day here at Barton Hall with activities and experiences throughout the day that the children have fully engaged in.

Weather wise, it has been something of a day of two halves. A little blustery and rainy this morning (the dying embers of last night’s storm) and very sunny and hot in the afternoon. Either way, we have had another jammed packed day with a range of sessions throughout.

Following our now well-established morning routine and, following breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon and beans), we all set off in our groups for our first activities of the day. This included the eagerly anticipated Aeroball and Abseiling…..

Aeroball is an activity that merges basketball and trampolining into one fast and furious game. Children, whilst bouncing within their own quadrant of a trampoline, attempted to score points by throwing a ball through their opponents hoop whilst trying to stop anyone scoring in theirs. Lots of fun was had with children displaying some dazzling shots that would not look out of place in a Harlem Globe Trotters match! The biggest grudge match of the day came between Miss Hine and Mr Parsons. Despite the height advantage, it was Miss Hine who came out on top and she was delighted to tell everyone of her victory. I think she is looking into local Aeroball clubs as we speak!

Abseiling is very often the activity that can cause the most anxiety and thrilling sense of achievement all at the same time. Having to place your complete trust in a guide rope and harness, as you edge backwards over a 25 metre drop is certainly not for everyone. However, the whole week has always been about setting your own challenges and then trying to push yourself a little beyond what you thought was your limit. Each and every child absolutely did this, and whilst some looked as though they were auditioning for the SAS, others put their harnesses on and pushed themselves to climb the tower and look over the edge. No one refused to participate which, we have been told is unusual and rather sums up the attitude of all the children this week. They have been fantastic!!!

Evening activities, included a game called Splat. Children had to work as a team to construct a protective shield for a water balloon which, if the balloon managed to survive being dropped from a certain height, they got to throw at an adult of their choice. The children were so delighted by this they almost couldn’t cope. Before making their decision, Mr Clarke reminded them what it meant to make ‘good’ and ‘bad’ choices………… didn’t help him!!

Before retiring to their beds, the children began packing up all of their belongings in preparation for tomorrow’s departure. We are scheduled to leave at 1:20 pm and we will of course inform you via Facebook when we have set off and expect to arrive back at school. Until then, please enjoy some photos of the day and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Parents………………..set your washing machines to maximum power!!!!

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