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Terms 1 & 2: The Victorians

The Year 5 team are extremely enthusiastic about our new topic The Victorians.

During our topic the children will have the chance to become detectives, to solve the greatest mystery of the Victorian age with the help of the master sleuth himself Sherlock Holmes. This experience will form the start of our topic and for this we ask the children to come dressed as Victorians on Tuesday 6th September. These costumes will prove to come in handy a couple of times throughout the topic with the children needing to dress up on our trip to Sevington, an old Victorian School House, as well as the possibility of a class assembly and our Victorian Day. So we thought we would give you part of the holidays to find a costume for these exciting activities ahead. More information on our trip to Sevington will come at the start of the term.

Other curriculum areas that will be enhanced through our topic will be the children having the opportunity to write, Crime reports, Victorian mystery stories as well as to read and perform some nonsense poetry.

During art the children will be exploring with line and tone, using a range of sketching pencils.

Throughout the history curriculum we will be researching Queen Victoria and her family, the growth of her empire, rich and poor life, Victorian Schools, apothecaries, the police force and crime, transport as well as the amazing inventions that took place during this exciting time.

Our science topics will be exploring forces linked to pulleys, levers, gravity, friction, water resistance and air resistance. As well as properties of materials looking at reversible and irreversible changes. This will tie in beautifully with our Victorian transport theme and the creation of potions and lotions for a local apothecary, therefore becoming very cross curricular.

Our days for PE are Monday and Tuesday afternoon and Children will need to wear suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor activities.

We would be really grateful to ask for a DT contribution of £ 4.50 per child to allow us to complete some extra creative activities, like we did last year. Without this support we wouldn’t have been able to enhance the children’s curriculum with the lovely activities that they will taste, make or take part in. Such as Victorian Day treats, Mother’s and Father’s day cards, sky at night evening with hot chocolate and biscuits, our Asian banquet are just a few of the extra activities that your money will go towards.

As always if anyone has any skills or expertise in any of the subjects mentioned or would just like to pop in and help we would certainly value your time. Just let a member of staff know.

We hope the children have had an amazing summer holiday and a well-deserved rest. We are proud of their achievements and progress last year and are certainly relishing the chance to build on their skills and progress in Year 5.

The year 5 Team

Lisa Foulser, Hannah Grant, Zoe Stanton, Jo Deacon, Sara Downing & Nancy Tucker

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