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Term 5 - Braeside The Residential Term!

Well term 3 was a busy one with our focus on electricity and of course Mr Stowe’s children’s brilliant assembly.

Term 4 sees the warmer weather coming just in time for our residential, but it would still be wise to pack the waterproofs! Obviously Braeside is our focus for this term and we are very much looking forward to our time away during the middle week of this term. Kit lists have been sent home and we hope the holidays have allowed you to start thinking about what to take, you were all keen to share your thoughts when we briefly talked about Braeside and we know that you are busy planning in rehearsals at breaktimes and lunchtimes for the talent show, aptly named Braeside’s Got Talent!

However, before we go we have some work to do......

English will see us focussing on fairytales – thinking about what makes a successful fairytale and creating our class co-constructed success criteria for you to use when planning and writing your own. This will be the focus until we go to Braeside and after we come back, our English lessons will be varied depending on what we will be completing for our Braeside books – we have looked at examples of previous years and know that we create a beautiful memory of our time away which includes poetry, explanations, persuasive writing, directions, diary entries, the list is extensive, but it will be good to apply all that we have learned over the last few terms in English to create this book of memories.

Maths will focus on fractions and decimals, looking specifically at common equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator, solving problems including measures and money. We will then spend the two days after Braeside investigating problems relating to our time away before focussing for the remainder of the term on geometry. This will involve us describing positions on a 2D grid as co-ordinates in the first quadrant, plotting specified points and drawing sides to complete polygons and describing movements between positions as translations of a given unit.

Science will link to our Braeside trip, looking at living things, identifying and classifying insects and thinking about changes to the environment and how they can pose dangers to living things. We will also think about sound and how vibrations are made and investigate patterns between pitch of sound and features and volume of sound and strength of vibration.

In Art we will be thinking about our journey to Braeside and representing the landmarks we pass using texture. We will think about the textural qualities various materials have and which would be best suited to each landmark. Andy Goldsworthy will be our artist focus and we are looking forward to creating beautiful art from nature. In DT we will be designing and making barges, again linked to our residential and the boats we will see as we spend time on the Kennet and Avon Canal.

In ICT we will be continuing our Wallace and Gromit animations – it takes Aardman years to create their brief animations so it’s no surprise that our masterpieces are taking longer than we anticipated! We look forward to sharing these with you though as they are sure to be brilliant! After Braeside, we will be busy creating powerpoint presentations on our time away.

Geography will see us identifying physical and human features on maps, investigating Braeside and the surrounding area, exploring rivers and understanding why flooding happens and the dangers it poses to living things (linking back to our Science).

In Music we will be looking at Carnival of the Animals by Camille St Saens, comparing it with music from other eras and composers and then finally creating our own based on our time at Braeside.

In PSHE we will be thinking about relationships; how to make friends, knowing what make a good relationship, trying to solve problems when they occur, helping others to feel part of our group, showing respect in the way we treat others and knowing how to help ourselves when we are angry or upset. Obviously during our time away many of the activities focus on teamwork and forging new friendships across the year group.

In RE we will be looking at how Jesus is portrayed through art and thinking about the miracles he performed. We will then create our own images of Jesus using symbols of our own choosing.

PE will see us outdoors in both sessions with the warmer weather – yippee! Please make sure all PE kits are in school from Mon – Fri as they are needed and increasingly, many children don’t have the appropriate kit. Our focus this term is for sports day so it’s really important they have the opportunity to compete in all of the sessions but this can only happen if they are wearing the appropriate clothing. We will spend time developing and improving our skills and ability in sprinting, long distance running, hurdles, relay, long jump, triple jump and javelin.

Finally, our author focus for next term will be France Hodgson Burnett – the author of many titles but in particular The Secret Garden. The first week of term will allow you to explore her in a variety of ways in order to create our new book corner area.

So, although it’s a short term of just 5 weeks, it will be a very busy one in terms of our learning and of course we are very much looking forward to taking you away to Braeside.

Year 4 team.

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