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Term 3 - Tractionman

Welcome Back! We hope you had a lovely holiday.

We look forward to a very exciting and new topic, which is based on the book ‘Traction Man’ by the author Mini Grey.

This is a Science based topic, where the children will  investigate the properties of materials and how they are used. This links closely to the character in Traction Man, who has different outfits of clothing for different adventures. This term we will be focussing closely on planning and carrying out scientific investigations. The children will learn how to form scientific questions and work in small groups to plan for an investigation which will answer their question. There will be an emphasis on recording results using metric measures and presenting their results in a way which clearly shows what has been discovered.

In Literacy, we will be creating descriptive poems which will focus on using adjectives and verbs, in the form of a ‘Traction Man Adventures’ poem. We will also be creating explanation texts which link closely to our Science and topic text. Towards the end of the term, the children will be writing their very own ‘Traction Man Adventure’ stories! As part of our English, we will be looking at the following Grammar features; adjectives, verbs, questions, explanations, subordinating conjunctions, command sentences and adverbs.

In Art, we will be using water colour paints. The children will investigate colour mixing using these paints and creating shades of the same colour by adding white to make the colour lighter and black to make the colour darker. They will then design and paint an outfit for ‘Traction Man’ which incorporates these skills and suits a particular adventure, linked to their story. We look forward to seeing the children’s designs.

For further details, please see our topic web.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the children have P.E. on Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Please could you ensure that your child has their P.E. kit in their locker on these days.

We are in the process of arranging a Year 2 SATS Parents Meeting for this term, which will explain the end of Key Stage 1 testing and reporting arrangements for 2016. Details will follow shortly.

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