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Term 3 - Time Machine

Get ready for Tudor times as we head back in time to 1666! We will become familiar with some people we will meet along the way, including: Samuel Pepys, Thomas Farrinor and King Charles II. We will be exploring, investigating and enquiring all about The Great Fire of London, which took place in our countries capital city in 1666. A lot has changed over the years and we will compare and contrast the differences. We will be heading to the Westlea Fire Station on the 16th of January to teach us the importance of fire safety and how we work together as a community to prevent and put out fires. In English we will develop our writing skills by writing recounts of our trip to the fire station. Similar to Samuel Pepys, we will also write our very own diaries that will go into a class time capsule. We will open this time capsule when we get to Year 6- how exciting! It is important that we focus on our handwriting this term so we will be able to read our very own diaries in 5 years time. In Maths we will develop our addition and subtraction skills with one and two-digit numbers through problem solving and reasoning. We will also investigate the value of coins through role play- selling and buying bread. Using our previous knowledge of shape, we will look further at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes as well. We will look at the development of technology from 1666 to 2018 and how it has changed. Importantly, we will explore Internet safety in computing and we will be created E-Safety poster as well as sending and receiving emails.


We look forward to an exciting term that will take us back to a time. Please can you ensure that all items- including: water bottles, snack pots, jumpers, daps, etc- are labeled. We are encouraging the children to keep their daps in a carry bag within their PE bag.


A friendly reminder to please keep all toys and games at home. Please refrain from bringing such items into school as we wish to avoid lost or damaged items.


Thank you for your continued support. Please see us if you have any questions or concerns in the mornings.


-The Year 1 Team

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