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Term 3 - Scandinavia

We had a great time in Term 2 finding out about the Vikings.  Please see our gallery for pictures of our exciting term and our trip to Pathhill.

Our third term in year 4 sees us moving from the Vikings to the region of Scandinavia. We will find out about what countries make up Scandinavia, create a fact file on each country and of course sample some local delicacies.

We will look at lots of aspects of Scandinavian life – their cities, homes, pastimes, flags, leaders, local foods and much more.

In English we will start the term writing letters before moving onto creating non-chronological reports on a Scandinavian animal that you are not likely to see in the United Kingdom. This links nicely with Art for some cross curricular work. We will also study fairy tales, looking at the classics and some new modern interpretations. Linked to our fairy tale theme we will also have a fabulous hall experience day where the children will have to use their detective skills to solve some team based activities.

In Computing we will be looking at our second programming unit where we will continue to use software called Scratch to program our very own car racing game. The children will continue to develop their skills of animation and use computer coding to program it all together.

Art will see us exploring line and tone, looking at Scandinavian animals and using our sketching skills to add finer details to our art work. The beautiful Northern lights will also be a focus for some of our art work.

Music will be linked to Scandinavia where we will be looking at music from the group ABBA and becoming ‘Dancing Queens!’ We will learn pentatonic scales to accompany our singing and develop pitch using our voices and a variety of instruments.

In PSHE we will be looking at Dreams and Goals, setting goals, trying to achieve them and learning how to overcome disappointment on the way!

In R.E we will be looking at parables such as the mustard seed and The Good Samaritan. This links nicely to our school value of perseverance and allows us to look at hidden morals within stories.

In PE we will be looking at hockey and gymnastics. We will learn to play co-operatively as a team, apply simple rules and learn to control and direct a ball with a hockey stick. In gymnastics we will be and thinking about symmetrical sequences. We will also use apparatus to develop variations in height and speed of our movements.

So, another very busy term with lots to keep us entertained and enthused.

More details can be found on the Year 4 DB primary page which can be accessed through Brookfield's virtual learning environment. The children will be able to access topic challenges, thought provoking forum topics and a gallery of images showing our first term in Year 4. There are also some useful website links which can further the children's learning and also allow them to have some fun out of the classroom.

As always, if you have any relevant talents or interest in our curriculum, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we would welcome any support shared.

Year 4 Team.


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