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Term 2 - Vicious Vikings

Our second Year 4 Autumn term includes a trip to immerse ourselves into our new topic The Vikings as well as continuing The Saxons.

This trip will hopefully make this topic engaging and inspiring and we will surround it with lots of exciting opportunities through our varied curriculum. In geography we will be looking at where the Vikings came from and learning about the rank of people and organisation within them, looking at Viking place names and using atlases to locate places within the United Kingdom and learning where the Vikings settled. We will be exploring Lindisfarne and the Gospels that were written by the Monks who lived there. We will also celebrate the 950th celebration of The Battle of Hastings, when this era of history ended.

In art we will be exploring colour and learning brush techniques to help us create elements such as fire and water.

Music will see us exploring Viking Sagas and exploring the pentatonic scale both with our voices and other instruments. Mrs Hughes and Mrs Calthrop’s class will be also learning songs for our assembly on January 12th.

English will focus on a wide range of poetry including Haikus and Cinquains. We will also be looking at formal and informal letter writing and basing our narrative writing on the story of Beowulf which will again link to our art work.

PSHE will focus on Celebrating Differences and learning that we don’t judge by appearances and why we are all special. We will be celebrating Anti Bullying Week as a  whole school as well.

In PE we will be starting our unit of Tennis looking at control and technique to further enhance our tennis skills. We will also be doing Gymnastics, which will include balances, rolls and travelling methods put together in a sequence.

Science will see us investigating our teeth (so lots of lovely brushing!) and our digestive systems. We will look at food chains and identify a producer, predator and prey.

So, a really lovely start to our second term in year 4. If you feel you can support us in any way with artefacts we would be really grateful and if you would like to come in and help at all, please let us know as we never turn away extra pairs of hands!

Year 4 team, Claire Calthrop, Jon Stowe, Beth Hughes.


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