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Term 1 - Saxons

We welcome you all to Year 4 and the next year of Key Stage 2. We hope you all had a lovely break over the summer and are ready for an exciting year with a range of fascinating topics and challenging opportunities.

Our first week in year 4 will see us making an exciting start to our brand new topic on the Saxons with a variety of activities planned ranging from experiencing a Saxon drill with James the Saxon who will visit us for a morning to designing and making Saxon villages and tasting foods similar to those eaten in that period. We are excited about our very own Saxon themed evening which will follow the Saxon day taking place on Monday 12th September so please join us for the festivities. A letter regarding the Saxon day and evening will be sent out in the first week and we look forward to your Saxon costume creations being worn into school on Monday 12th September. We are also planning on visiting a nearby outdoor learning centre and are currently in the process of designing a bespoke Saxon day at this venue, more details to follow shortly.

In English we will write some newspaper reports based on the Saxon invasion and other aspects of Saxon life which we will present through ICT. We will also be looking at instructional writing towards the end of the term, writing about how to be a successful warrior and ruler of a Kingdom.

In PSHE we are discussing and exploring how to become the best class team possible. This will link to this terms value of respect and apply to the weekly star of the week and leaf of achievement awards.

In RE we are going to be learning all about Paganism and the Anglo Saxon Gods.

In French we will be learning the different countries of the world and how we can travel between them on various modes of transport.

Art will focus on pattern and printing and designing our own patterns using runes as our motifs.

More details can be found on our topic web, below, and also on the Year 4 DB primary page which can be accessed through Brook Field's virtual learning environment. The children will be able to access topic challenges, thought provoking forum topics and a gallery of images showing our previous term in Year 4. There are also some useful website links which can further the children's learning and also allow them to have some fun out of the classroom.


We can't wait for these experiences to really inspire us and help us to understand the Saxons a little more. If you have any talents or expertise you would like to share with us to enhance our topic, please let us know as we are always keen to accept help in any form. 

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