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Sing Up October 2017

On Friday 6th October, Brook Field held the first of their three whole school singup assemblies for this academic year. Each year group learns a song connected to their topic, to preform to the rest of the school. 


Foundation Stage

‘The Wheels on the Bus’, as chosen by the children who voted for their favourite song. It fitted in with their theme of ‘ourselves’ as there are lots of different people on the bus and it also worked well with our idea of learning through movement in Foundation Stage.


Year One

'Mr Wind'  This song was chosen as our next terms topic is all about the seasons.


Year Two

'Minibeasts' which is a song about the minibeasts that inhabit our world as this links with our topic 'Ben's Magic Telescope'.


Year Three

Our song was an adapted version of 'we will rock you' by Queen, linked to our topic about the Stone Age.


Year Four

‘Loki the Joker’, a song about Saxon gods and goddesses, in this case a god who changes his appearance hence him being a joker.


Year Five

Sang the hymn ‘All things bright and beautiful’. This is linked to our Victorian topic and is a song that the children sang at Sevington Victorian School as part of their lesson.


Year Six

'The heart song'  A scientific song explaining the circulatory system.

Picture 1 Foundation Stage
Picture 2 Foundation Stage
Picture 3 Year 1
Picture 4 Year 2
Picture 5 Year 2
Picture 6 Year 3
Picture 7 Year 4
Picture 8 Year 5
Picture 9 Year 6
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