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Sing- Up Assembly 24th March 2017

Welcome to our second of three Singup assemblies of the year. Everyone has been busily singing away this term while learning about their new topics and it was lovely, as always, to share our songs with each other this Friday 24th March which, also happened to be Red Nose Day.


Foundation Stage

We sang our 'Do you want to be a Superhero?' song as part of our Superhero Day linked to our topic. The song is very frenetic with repeated choruses and actions. It has a very catchy style and people love to join in when we are singing it.


We are also sang 'Noisy Traffic' which is all about pollution in the streets. This is a new song to us and is from the Early Years Singing Festival songs. It is very rhythmic and percussive and involves counting with poses; the children really enjoy singing it!!


Year 1

Year 1's topic this term has been a Local History topic so we decided to focus on STEAM. We have found out lots of exciting facts about steam engines and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Our song choices were, therefore, 'Professor Brains Amazing Machine' because steam trains are amazing machines and 'The Train Journey'. We sang 'The Train Journey' as a round accompanied by Mrs Tremblin on the recorder!



Year 2

Year 2 sang two songs about Jack and the Beanstalk which is our topic. We sing the songs together, as one of the songs has two parts and each class takes on one part each. We very much enjoyed sharing our song with everyone.


Year 3

We chose a topic themed song all about the Romans to perform for singup! We enjoyed learning all about this history topic and loved learning the song, with its many actions! It's very catchy!


Year 4

We sung ‘Electricity’ which is linked to our topic this term. It talks about how electricity comes into our homes and the dangers of it. So it was really helpful to us teaching them about the ways we can generate electricity and how we can make sure we are safe around electrical items.


Year 5

As part of Year Five's topic this term on Asia, we have looked at traditional folktales such as the ‘Willow pattern’ and ‘The magic paintbrush’. To coincide with this, we learnt a song about the beautiful scented star petals of the Jasmine flower that are picked to give to someone they love. This song explores tempo with slow and fast verses along with a rise in pitch, as well as changing key near to the end. To ensure the authenticity of this traditional song, Year Five performed it in Chinese.


Year 6

We sang Adaptation which is linked to our science topic of evolution and inheritance.  the some has explained how a camel has adapted to his environment.

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