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Report on sports day 2016 and the results!

Brook Field Sports Day 2016


On Thursday 7th July, our annual Sports Day took place with KS2 events in the morning and KS1 in the afternoon. It was a bit overcast as the athletics track and field were set out with all the equipment and there was a short, light shower of rain about ten minutes before it was all due to get under way.


Once all the Classes and Staff had taken their places, Mr Clarke made sure everyone was ready to go by getting each house point team to cheer as loudly as they could and remember the school value of “teamwork” for this term.


KS2 follows the format of individuals racing against each other with the first four places winning points for their house teams. Eight children, two from each house point team, line up against each other with separate races for girls and boys. Each race starts with Years 6, then Years 5 and 4 so the Year 3s, new to the KS2 Sports Day can see the details of each race in action! Every child takes place in at least two races and events. In KS1, all children take part in every event working together in their house point teams to secure the points.


KS2 have ten events starting with the hurdles. They then move onto “three spring jumps” and the javelin so all the athletic disciplines are covered and so that the staff can set up the next batch of the equipment ready for the “object pick-up”/”Grab the Bag”.  The “Slalom Run” is quickly followed by one of the longer running races, the “Shuttle Run”, where the racers run between two cones about 10m apart six times before running on to the end of the track.


A series of races including the skipping and sprint relays lead into one of the most enthralling and exciting events; the “Long Distance Races”. Years 3 and 4 complete one circuit of the Woodland Walk, while Years 5 and 6 complete two laps. The parents and watching children lose sight of the children through parts of the course before they reappear by the PE sheds and back onto the field. There were several dominant performances in these races but also many very close and nail biting finishes, where the result was in doubt until the finishing line. The final event is the eagerly anticipated Individual Sprint Finals, the traditional “Blue Riband” event of Track and Field Athletics. This time, we start with the Year 3s so that the Year 6s run the final races of their last Sports Day!


There was just time for three or four heats of both the “Mums’ Sprint” and “Dads’ Sprint”. Fortunately, there were no major injuries or embarrassments and thanks to all the parents who were good sports in taking part.


A further highlight of the day is the Family Picnic that takes place over lunchtime. It is always great to feel the relaxed atmosphere and see the field covered with families and friends having such a good time together. The sun was now shining as well, despite another shower half way through the morning.


Key Stage 1 Sports Day got under way with the Foundation Stage, followed by Year 1 and then Year 2, concluding the whole day. This year there was the addition of each house point team competing for the Sports Day trophy for their Year Group and the honour of seeing their house point colours around the trophy in their classrooms for the remainder of the term.


Each Year Group take place in the following races which are often similar to the KS2 events so there is a progression through both Key Stages. A traditional Sports Day favourite returned to our KS1 Sports Day last year and continued in 2016. We are “eggstremely” proud and “eggscited” to include the “Egg and Spoon” race.  This is followed by a target throwing event and the “Object pick-up/Grab the Bag” race.  A similar “Shuttle run” to KS2 gives a chance to stretch the legs a little more before a skipping event using hoops (Year 1) or ropes (Year 2) or just the skipping action (Foundation Stage). The final event is the Hurdles.


Each race is run as a relay with every child taking part and it is house point team against house point team rather than individual against individual. Which house point team will work best together to win? Both athletic tracks were used and one set of the classes start with the “Egg and Spoon” race while the other set, begin with the “Shuttle Run” to avoid equipment clashes.


It was so encouraging to see each Year Group work together so well in their house point teams with lots of cheering each other on, regardless of which house point team was in the lead. As Mr Clarke had said at the end of the Sports Day, there was very good teamwork but still friendly and healthy competition taking place.


Siblings from KS2 came out to encourage their younger brothers and sisters during the afternoon and the whole day had been held in such a supportive atmosphere.


Here are the results from the day showing how each house point team fared:


Congratulations to Sapphire who were the overall winners when the scores from both Key Stages were added together!


FS Winners                         Ruby 

Y1 Winners                         Amber

Y2 Winners                         Ruby and Sapphire

KS2 Girls Winners            Amber

KS2 Boys Winners            Sapphire

KS2 Overall Winners      Sapphire


Final Overall Placings  

1st   Sapphire

2nd   Amber

3rd   Emerald

                    4th    Ruby


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