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My trip to Kidzania
On one of our Teacher Training Days in February, we got up really early and got on a coach to visit Kidzania in London.  When we got to Kidzania we had to have a special wristband that was red to show that we were on a school trip and everyone had one.  The staff then gave us 50 Kidzos which was the currency in Kidzania.  

Once inside my first activity was making a chocolate bar with Cadbury which cost 12 Kidzos.  From there I went to make a bracelet to celebrate Chinese New Year which cost 18 Kidzos.  I needed to work next to get some more money, so I went to be a dental assistant and I got to put the filling in the dummy patient's mouth and I earned 8 Kidzos. from here I went to be a midwife in the special care baby unit and looked after a baby including singing it a lullaby and cleaning it which paid 12 Kidzos.  In the afternoon I also took a job as a courier and learnt how to make ice cream with Walls, and we got to eat some!  At the end I spent my Kidzos in the city shop.  Then it was time to go home and we all got back on the coaches, full of excited stories of what we had done at Kidzania.  I had a lovely day.
By Harriet- Year 3
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