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Peatmoor's Loss is our Gain

Peatmoor Pummelled!


After going a goal behind against the run of play in the first half, the A team were given a "Rafa-Benitez-Champions-League-Final-2005-Istanbul" style half time team talk and ran out 7 - 1 winners against a strong Peatmoor team on the final evening of term, Friday 7th April. This amounted to sweet revenge for our defeat on penalties in the LPA West Swindon Tournament Final last week. Peatmoor’s goal in the first half was scored on the break following a long ball over the top of our midfield and a mix-up between our defenders. Their player knocked the ball past Louis, as he rushed out of his goal. This followed an even start but put us on the back-foot only five minutes into the match.


Louis was in goal, with Rhys and Peter in defence, Harvey, Finn (Capt) and Josh were in midfield and Jamie was in attack as the match kicked-off at 3:50pm on a beautiful, warm and sunny spring evening. After going a goal behind, Brook Field started to apply the pressure with a good long ball from Harvey and then a corner. Due to the warmth of the evening, several substitutions were made. Ollie came on for Harvey and Jake F replaced Josh.


Jamie ran down the right and crossed but it was cleared for a corner. Peatmoor broke but Peter mopped up well in defence. Jamie and Ollie had good, positive attacks before Jamie produced a great save from the Peatmoor goalie following a dangerous cross from Finn. Finn then dribbled past four or five Peatmoor defenders before the ball came back to Jake just outside the area. His long, curling shot into the top corner was an excellent attempt but the ‘keeper managed to pluck the ball out of the air quite comfortably. With five minutes to go to the break, Josh came on up front for Jamie. Finn had a shot saved, the ball was played back in for Ollie whose shot was also saved. Josh had a good turn and shot, which was cleared for a corner, although was close to being an own goal. Finn’s long shot was parried over for a corner and Rhys also hit a long shot that was dropped by the ‘keeper and nearly over the line (goal-line technology was almost required!) before being cleared. And so, the first half ended.


Peatmoor kicked off the second half at 4:16pm but Josh became “Man of the Match” for his second half efforts with his best performance ever in the red of Brook Field that finally turned the game in our favour! He was now playing as our striker.


However, Jake F scored the first with a well-worked goal. Ollie B down the line to Josh who beat his man, got to the goal line on the right and crossed over. Hesitation in the defence; the ball bobbled off the defender and off Jake F's shin who was running in from the left. 1 - 1. Only 2 minutes into the second half and we were back level. It was then “all Brook Field” as Finn passed the ball back over his head but Peatmoor cleared before Ollie won a corner. Rhys crossed it over, Josh flicked it on but Finn only managed to hit the side-netting. Four minutes in and we were 2 - 1 up. Jake F passed to Josh who scored his first of the evening.


After 5 minutes, it was 3 - 1. The ball was won back from the kick-off and Harvey made a long defence splitting pass to Josh, who knocked it past the advancing goalkeeper. Peatmoor were rattled and their support was silenced!


Every time Brook Field attacked, we were causing havoc in the Peatmoor defence. A cross was headed straight up in the air by a defender. Harvey reacted quickest and as the ball dropped, he got in front of the last defender and used his height to head up and over the goalkeeper to make it 4 - 1.


Moments later, Finn was cynically taken out down the left wing. Harvey crossed the ball from the free kick to Josh who was unmarked at the back post as he had lost his marker. From the tightest of angles, he headed up and against the bar. It crashed down from the underside of the bar and dropped down behind the line with the ‘keeper beaten. 5 - 1.


All this and we were still only 10 minutes into the second half! Peatmoor players’ heads dropped and they were effectively out of the contest. Josh made it 6 - 1 when he poked in from close range after a corner was not cleared. On such a hot and sunny evening, the substitutions kept rolling on and off. Peatmoor created a couple of chances when they got into the Brook Field half but apart from a corner, there was nothing really to worry us with good defending from Ollie and Jake F who had replaced Rhys in defence. Ollie had had a break as he was needed to replace Finn who had been on for the whole match up until the last five minutes and run himself into the ground. The last meaningful action of the game was Brook Field's seventh goal when Jamie crossed to Harvey at the back post, whose header smashed into the net.


So 7 - 1 and some well-deserved goals for the A team to make up for a recent goal-drought and to keep us in the hunt for the runners-up spot in the West Swindon League!


Even though the term had finished, it was a beautiful evening for watching football and there was lots of parental support for both the A and B teams. Well done to Louis, Rhys, Peter, Finn, Josh, Jake F, Jamie, Ollie and Harvey.


Unfortunately, the B team enjoyed an epic encounter but lost 3 - 2. Mr Parsons will be writing up the report for us as we couldn't make heads nor tails of his notes! But it was good for lots of the Year 5s to finally have a chance to play for a school team after several postponements. Daniel scored the first goal and Zak the second.


There was good all round play from everyone and some of their passing and movement was great and showed real team work, perseverance and good potential for the future.


Congratulations to: Max in goal; Owen and Izzy who were rock solid in defence; Liam had a storming game in whichever position he was playing; Zak, Caleb, Ethan and Ayonla made impressive debuts with Noah playing with greater confidence with every minute spent on the pitch in his second game of the week. Daniel also did particularly well, buzzing around all-over the pitch and chasing down any opportunity to win back the ball and play in his team-mates. Not only was Daniel a red hot speller in the Spelling Bee for Amber but a solid midfielder too!!


Well done to all those who were playing for the B team, as for some, this was their first ever competitive football match and the nerves were jangling from about 9:00am in the morning! However, they all really enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to play and it was clear, like with the girls’ team last night, that the football "bug" has taken hold!


Thanks to Mr Parsons for his help this evening and the tremendous support we received from parents, including several whose own children were not playing in this fixture! It was really appreciated when the term had just finished and it was a late finish for everyone! Thanks to Peatmoor for the enjoyable and exciting games and for all the drinks and biscuits to keep all the teams going in the heat!

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