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National Poetry Day 2017

Key Stage 2 Assembly

Thursday 28th September 2017

National Poetry Day




In our Key Stage 2 Assembly on Thursday 28th September, we celebrated National Poetry Day. We looked at how old poetry is and how it seeps through our language and written word, even in writing such as newspaper reports that we may not think includes poetry. Apparently metaphors are used every 10 – 25 words!


The theme for this year’s National Poetry Day was “Freedom”. We began by defining freedom as “being able to say what you like, do what you like and think what you like.” We then wrote our own poem with ideas from each year group about what we think freedom can mean and started each line with, “Freedom is….”



Freedom is democracy.

Freedom is independence.

Freedom is to be able to have your own opinion.* 

Freedom is relaxation.

Freedom is a right that everyone is obliged to have.

Freedom is to have your own options.

Freedom is to be yourself.

Freedom is to have fun.

Freedom is to do what you like.

Freedom is to have what you like.

Freedom isn’t going to jail.


(*Link to Year 5 Sevington Victorian School trip and that children in Victorian times were not encouraged to have their own opinions!)


We then finished the Assembly by reading the poem “Dusty Wings” – the winner of Tearfund’s short poem competition on the subject of freedom. They described it as, “the deliciously nostalgic and hope-filled winner” written by Katrina Quinn from Brighton.


Dusty Wings


Butterfly wings lose their magic flying dust if you touch them
–or so it was said–
in Basingstoke summers when we were allowed to escape
the confines of the playground and venture onto the sportsfield
and into The Long Grass
Those lunchtimes stretched long and lazy like our leaking French plaits
We ran we rolled we spun we cartwheeled fearlessly
Collecting grass stains–the floor a cushion–daisies our only chains

We found our bodies and our voices there, unbounded
But the world soon reached out to knock the magic dust from our wings
And we learned that freedom requires a fight
That freedom hides in the risk of flying, anyway
I learned that freedom doesn’t stop calling our names
But that some have never ever known what it sounds like

So with those long grass memories and the light of the summer in me
I’ll wail high-pitched to shatter the glass cages
I’ll dance fierce until the earth shakes, chains break
I’ll sing in an aching-quaking voice:
May freedom coat your wings
May it stubbornly cling, at all costs.

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