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Monday 11th June

Evening everyone!

What a fantastic first day we have all had! Having made our way down the M4 and M5 and, after a very pleasant lunch stop, we arrived at Barton Hall, ready to begin our action packed week together.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by our PGL Team Leaders, Olly and Julia, who will be working with us and looking after us during our stay. The children were given a tour of the beautiful grounds with spectacular views out to sea and we learnt all about the procedures to follow during our stay, including a practise of the fire-drill and the associated assembly points. Following this, the children discovered their activity groups along with who they will be sharing a room with this week. Everyone seemed very happy with their allocation and so it was with smiling faces that we lugged our bags to each room and unpacked, ready for the week.

Following our evening meal together, which consisted of a wide range of choices including a salad bar, we were taken to the Sports Court to engage in our first activity all together; ‘The Barton Hall Sports Championship!’ We had great fun playing and competing against each in some quite unusual, but extremely funny events. A particular favourite seemed to be a game called: ‘Soggy Ball Volley Ball.’ Think Volley Ball, combined with Parachute Games and throw in a wet sponge ball and I think you can guess how it went! After all the events were completed and the final points added to each teams’ total, I can tell you that the winning team was…………….Miss New’s Team………..Typical!

Before returning to our dorm rooms and getting ready to settle for the night, we had to wish one special girl a very happy birthday and hand out some cards. We have also already been handing out letter and cards sent by our parents and family members that had arrived before we did! Thank you so much for this, the children love receiving them.

We are now all tucked up in our rooms, hoping for a good night’s sleep and looking forward to all the activities planned tomorrow. Some of us are also hoping for some slightly cooler weather as, and at the risk of sounding typically British…….It was almost too hot!! There’s no pleasing some people!

Please enjoy just a few photos taken this evening of the children enjoying their first day together.

We will be sure to let you know how we get on tomorrow!

The Barton Hall Crew!



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