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Fundraising for a sensory garden

Brook Field Primary School Sensory Garden Project

We are hoping to raise £10,000 to create a sensory garden for all our pupils

and school community to enjoy and benefit from.


This bespoke magical garden has been designed specifically for our children and site. All senses and the associated benefits have been considered and incorporated into our design. The main features include; a curved rope edged pathway, two seating areas, one sweet chestnut and the other a sculptural ‘Gaudi’ inspired seat, a Perspex dome to provide a quiet area, yet still be visible, a water feature and natural wind chimes. Due to the talents amongst our staff, there will also be a number of mosaic-paving slabs, set within the paved area; each class in the school will create these. There will be smooth surfaces and slopes to ensure access for all, with the location providing a fantastic view too.

The other materials included will provide a wide a range of textures, that gently stimulate the senses. Planting to be in two main beds, with herbs and flowers chosen for their taste and scent. Other low maintenance plants will include ornamental grasses, poppies, moon daises and lavender etc.

How will the children benefit from our sensory garden?

  • Health, emotional and mental - the children will be more confident, positive of mind and independent. They will be able to use this area as a place to feel calm, become more mindful and develop their ability to express their feelings in a positive manner
  • Touch – the children will experience a variety of tactile qualities and wildlife
  • Hear – water elements, birds and climatic factors will be heard by all those within the garden
  • Sight – a variety of colours for visual stimulation
  • Taste – for the children, under supervision, to be able to engage with edible plants
  • Smell – a variety of scented plants, also the sweet chestnut wood providing a distinctive and pleasant aroma
  • Curriculum and educational benefits include, for example: English, as a writing stimulus - Maths, for number, shapes, measuring, fractions and solving problems – Art, for sketching, a stimulus for shape and form, also for sculpture – Music, when creating and responding to music and using the natural environment – Science and Geography, exploring nature, habitats, identifying seeds and plants, testing forces and hypothesis.

How will this project benefit others in the local community?

  • The on-site pre-school, Jelly-Tots will have free use daily
  • This tranquil environment would be accessible during our family events that are regularly held
  • Our crèche facility could make use of this space
  • The on-site nurture group and family support workers and therapeutic counsellor will be able to use the sensory garden.

How will the funds raised be spent?

  • The paved area, ranging from small blocks to large natural sandstone, approximately 22msq. Including posts and rope connectors £4,000
  • Oval seat, a concrete construction including mirrors, toughened glass and copper. £1,500
  • The Perspex dome, carved into the mound using bricks and block paves as the wall. £1,200
  • Cylinder bench, made from sweet chestnut and two tiers. £1,000
  • Water feature, material used will be copper and formed as water lilies. £800.00
  • Raised beds, with edible flowers and aromatic and colourful plants. £1,000
  • Entrance arch and sign. £400
  • Pergola. £800
  • Mosaic tiles and equipment £500

An artist's impression of what the sensory garden will look like.  Leading from the top playground to a secluded peaceful area, nestled in the landscape.



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