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Cross Country Festival Report

Cross Country Festival 2017


31 intrepid athletes from across Key Stage 2 took part in the Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade Cluster Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 Cross Country Festival 2017 on Friday 1st December. This was the first time Brook Field had ever entered this event and as we set off to Bradon Forest School at the beginning of lunchtime, there were some very excited participants ready to take on the muddy and freezing conditions! For many, this was a first chance to represent Brook Field in a sporting fixture and according to the organisers, this was the biggest Festival in terms of numbers of schools and children taking part.


We had entered two teams of 8 children in both the Years 3/4 event and the Years 5/6 category. As a school, we decided to enter two boys and two girls from the relevant year groups in each of our teams so had four boys and four girls from each of Years 3,4, 5 and 6 taking part. Individual placings contributed to the team totals. Unfortunately, Charlotte couldn’t be with us, so we were a runner short in one of our Year 5/6 teams.


Having arrived at Bradon Forest, the teams were taken to the sports pavilion for a briefing and to meet the Bradon Forest students who would be either running with them or supporting them through the warm-up and their race.


The Years 3/4 teams set off first to run three laps of the sports field with ten teams in total from eight schools competing. There were strong performances from the Year 4s of Charlie A, Grace and Kyle (who even managed to put one of his trainers back on when it fell off during the last lap!) who finished in the top 25. However, the best part was seeing the smiles of everyone taking part and the brilliant team spirit shown by all the Brook Field runners – from cheering each other on to waiting and helping a team mate if they were finding the going tough. All of us watching were really impressed and proud of everyone who was representing Brook Field.


At the end of the race, there was short break while teachers and supporters totted up the scores and tried to put into practice all their mental addition strategies….the teams were trying to achieve the lowest possible score.


Then it was time for the Years 5/6 event with the Years 3/4 teams taking their turn to encourage the older runners. Eleven teams took part from eight schools. A special mention must go to Samuel R who won the race (by some distance!) The Year 9 Bradon student who was leading the runners around the course confessed to the Bradon PE teachers half way round that he didn’t know if he would be able to keep up with Sam to the end of the race! Harry also did very well

finishing 6th. Again, a real team spirit was evident and it was very much about the taking part, having fun and getting muddy!


We took team photos while there was a nervous wait to discover where each team had been placed. Here are the results both individually and for the teams but these are only for interest as we were so proud of all of you for the way you represented our school, your perseverance and team work. Thank you to all the parents for their support, encouragement and transport and Mrs Jacobs who helped look after the teams and is spending her weekend, writing the certificates so we can present them to everybody next week!


Years 3/4 Team Results      Years 5/6 Team Results


1 Lydiard Millicent             1 St Mary’s Yellow

2 Ashton Keynes                2 Noremarsh

3 Noremarsh                     3 St Mary’s Green

4 St Mary’s Red                 4 Brook Field B

5 Lyneham                        5 Lydiard Millicent

6 St Mary’s Blue                6 Brook Field A

7 Brook Field B                 7 Ashton Keynes

8 Brook Field A                8 Lyneham

9 St Sampson’s                9 St Sampson’s A

10 Broad Hinton             10 Broad Hinton

                                       11 St Sampson’s B


Individual Results


Years 3/4 Team A Position Years 3/4 Team B Position Years 5/6 Team A Position Years 5/6 Team B Position

Charlie A (4) 7       Kyle (4) 15       Daniel J (6) 49       Ryan (6) 19

William (4) 70       Dylan (4) 52       Samuel (6) 1       Jai (6) 34

Rosie (4) 66       Amelie (4) 65       Emily (6) 24       Romey (6) 45

Grace (4) 24       Izabela (4) 53       Jasmine (6) 43       Charlotte (6) -

Eddie (3) 56       Aman (3) 29       Ben (5) 57          Luke (5) 18

George (3) 54       Jude P (3) 37       Harry (5) 6       Jadon (5) 48

Megan (3) 79       Miley (3) 73       Naila (5) 80       Kaia (5) 52

Fiona (3) 47       Danielle (3) 57       Sophie (5) 41     Amber (5) 78

Total Points 403   Total Points 381 Total Points 301 Total Points 294


(Year group in brackets)

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