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Set in 2048, the Year six production has touched many hearts with its emotional and comedic atmosphere. Two futuristic elders and their curious grandchildren (who are unaware of what life in 2016 was like) reminisce about the olden days. With jokes, teachers and parents can relate to and a glimpse of what school life is like in reality. School Daze is a perfect way to remember the lasting memories of the Year 6 pupils.

Having their parents stuck in space, these two siblings –Billy and Becky- discover the secrets of school life such as the ridiculous amount of make up the girls used to wear, the lengths boys would go to to wear hair gel and what teachers were really thinking when they said all of the nice comments at parents evening! Even though we will miss Year 6, they’ve pushed their creativity to the limits and left us with a bang! Well done and good luck!


Daisy & Caitlin       

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