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Brook Field v Tregoze 27th February 2017

Brook Field vs. Tregoze

On Monday 27th February 2017, Brook Field netball team travelled to Lydiard Tregoze School to play our first match this season against them. From Brook Field, the players were Neave, Lucy, Grace, Cameron, Freddie  and Talia. In the first quarter, Cameron scored two amazing  goals for the Brook Field team, but Tregoze also scored 2 to make it even! After the first quarter, Lucy scored a quick, brilliant goal to make the score 3-2! In the third quarter, Tregoze scored a good goal but then Neave scored an awesome goal in the last minute to win the whole game for our school! Unfortunately, in the last quarter, no goals were scored, meaning that the final score was 4-3 to Brook Field. We had won!

Neave & Ifra

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