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Braeside - Wednesday 10th May 2017

Well, Brook Field School clearly has SO much talent and lots of us decided to take the plunge and perform as extra acts last night which kept us entertained until 10pm!! There was so much laughter and hysterics and everyone was thoroughly entertained. We would definitely have beaten the ratings for Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway or Britain's Got Talent and we had some real surprise acts from some quieter members of our year group which was lovely. There were lots of golden buzzer moments and a running commentary from our judges. The good thing about a late night was that they all literally fell into bed and were asleep within a record 30 seconds for Haydn and a matter of minutes for the others. Only one little sleep walker who tried to get into another room, the rest of the night was quiet and without a peep from  anyone of them. Needless to say they weren't up playing football this morning, infact we had to wake most of them up and drag them out of bed! But we are all just finishing breakfast now and raring to go on all the activities within the Braeside grounds where we will remain for the rest of the day before returning to school about 3pm. Another sunny day, we are all suncreamed up again and thankful for the glorious weather we have had during our time here. The suitcases have been squished and sat on to cram everything in - why does it seem that we are going home with so much more than we brought?! and some were even tested for size ...... And yes, you could fit a child in some suitcases (so they tell me!) Anyway, we will see you soon. Put the water on, we will definitely need a bath tonight!! Year 4 team.x
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