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B Team Off to a Flying Start Too!

The B team also managed a thrilling win in their first match of the season with a 7 – 2 victory against Hazelwood. Liam started in goal with Louis and George in defence, Owen, Josh C and Jake F (Capt) in midfield and Jamie as our forward. Thomas, Jake S and Charlie were the substitutes.


Brook Field scored three goals in the opening ten minutes with Josh C scoring on his debut and Jamie adding two more. The game was quite even though and the Hazelwood team were not going to go down without a fight.


Jamie completed his hat-trick after a neat build up with Jake S. Jamie moved into the left hand side of the penalty area. He exchanged a sublime one-two with Jake S, who was standing more-or less in the middle of the area, and his return pass was perfectly weighted back into Jamie’s path. Jamie took one touch to control it and then flicked it with the outside of his right boot over and past the advancing ‘keeper who was already sinking down on his knees trying to smother the expected angle and height of the shot. 4 – 0.


An unfortunate free-kick was conceded to Hazelwood just outside the left hand corner of the Brook Field area as Hazelwood attacked down their left hand wing. With Brook Field expecting a cross from the kick, the Hazelwood player caught the team off-guard  and managed to curl and squeeze the ball inside the near post with Liam unable to get back across his goal quickly enough! 4 – 1.


At half time, as arranged, Jamie swapped places with Liam in goal and Josh C came back on for Liam as several substitutions had been made during the first half.


Within moments of the second half kicking off at 4:50pm, Jake S scored the best individual goal of the afternoon. He picked the ball up mid-way inside the Brook Field half and went on a determined run down the left wing. He darted this way and back, mesmerising the Hazelwood defenders. Several came across to tackle although some remained in the middle expecting Jake to reach the goal-line and then cut the ball back for a midfielder or attacker making a late run into the box. However, Jake angled his run so he cut inside the area instead of heading more towards the corner flag. With the goalie and defenders still expecting the ball back into the middle, Jake managed to pass the ball into the net through the narrow gap between the ‘keeper and the near left-hand post. The goalie was just not able to cut down the angle in time and the back of the net bulged again for Brook Field. 5 – 1.


Jake then popped up on the right wing but this time passed inside to Josh C who was bursting into the area. He controlled the ball and shot in to make it 6 – 1 and effectively put the match beyond Hazelwood’s reach although the game was far more even than the score line might have suggested at this stage. They never gave up and kept pushing to get back into the game.


Charlie came off for Liam to return as a midfielder. Jake S then made it 7 – 1 coming in from the left wing and again scoring at the near post but this time being more direct and not beating so many defenders on route to the goal.


This just seemed to spur Hazelwood on into even greater action and determination to get back into the match. Their “Man of the Match”, Dillon, scored an individual goal to rival Jake S when he ran unopposed past several Brook Field players. He started off on the left wing before driving forward through the middle of the pitch and into the area. Jamie came out to narrow the angle but showed too much of the far post area to the Hazelwood player. He cut off the right hand side of the goal (as Hazelwood looked at it) but this allowed Dillon to fire the ball back across the goal and into the left hand side of the net. Jamie dived well but had given too much space for the player to score. 7 – 2.


The same Hazelwood player then went on a similar mazy dribble through the heart of the Brook Field midfield before Jake F came across to clear the danger for a corner. Moments later, he was then brought down in the penalty area for a penalty, which he took himself. Jamie, however, made a fantastic save from the penalty to keep the score at 7 – 2. Further substitutions were made involving Jake S and Thomas being replaced by Louis and George before Charlie came on up front for Josh C. Dillon was voted as Hazelwood’s “Man of the Match” and Jamie was Brook Field’s “Man of the Match” for his hat-trick and penalty save.


Well done to all the B team and thanks to Mr Parsons for refereeing and all the parents for their support and transport! 


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